हाम्रो बारेमा

There is Chongre Telma in Mahakulung -5 of Solukhumbu. There is Dhap on the upper side and Nimchola on the eastern side. In the middle of the dense forest of Chongre Telm, there is a rock called “Pomlalung”.

“Pomlalung” is not only a stone but also a heritage of the Kirat Kulung race. Mahakulung village is the destination of the dead soul of the Kulung people who have their place of origin. No one is immortal; death is certain. Kulung people have a tradition of sending the souls of the dead to heaven. Pomlalung is the gateway to heaven.

If someone dies in the Kulung race around the world, his soul is escorted /sent to Pomlalung by the Satipus showing the way. The dead soul is carried by the Satipus through bridges, the nearest trail, lake, mountain, and holy shed, rather than the easy way. The place where the dead soul is taken is known as Pomlalung which is called “Natabam” in the Kulung language.

According to the belief of the Kulung community, Pomlalung is the heaven for the Kulung race. Before sending the dead soul to Pomlalung, there is a place called “Pomla Kau” where the dead are given water to go to heaven. This place is located between Bung and Chheskam in Solukhumbu district.

Pomlalung can also be seen and visited physically. For those who are travelling from Kathmandu, there are two options for your first-day trip. The first option is Kathmandu-Phaplu air travel and the other option is by road. Whether you choose roadway or airway, you have to stay at Salleri, the headquarters of Solukhumbu, on the first day.

On the second day, you reach the centre of Mahakulung. You can reach there either in a private vehicle or by public transport. On the third day, you will reach Gudel. There is also good accommodation.

On the fourth day after reaching there, you will have to arrange a packed lunch and go with a local guide in collaboration with the hotel where you are staying. Due to the dense forest, it may be difficult to identify the path if you go alone. On that day, after seeing and visiting Pomlalung you arrive at Gudel for shelter. After that, you will be able to return to Kathmandu through the same route.

Kulung is a tribe with a distinct identity belonging to an indigenous race. The aristocratic caste belongs to the Kirat civilization. The Kulung live in the northeastern part of Nepal, mainly in the Mahakulung region of Solukhumbu. Apart from this, they live in 26 districts of North-East Sikkim and Darjeeling in India and Nepal.

The language of the Kulung is called “Ridum”. The Kulungs are nature worshipers in terms of region. There are 200 surnames in the Kulung community. Marriage takes place between different surnames in the same caste. Therefore, the Pomlalung campaign has been started to preserve the language, customs and culture of the Kulungs. It contains audio, text, photo and video documentation of the language, culture etc.

The rites performed inside Kulung are not in the written pattern, so it is customary to rely on hearsay matters. The people worshipping in the right pattern as per rites and rituals are decreasing. It is desired to start a campaign to preserve the culture. The younger generation has no interest to continue the culture. Let’s give hands to preserve our culture together.